Stamps on Approval

Stamps on Approval
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   Fill out the form below to begin an exciting journey into the world of collecting. You will have exclusive access to discounts and preferred customer rebates on orders as well as special, timely offers that do not appear in the catalog. You will even receive several stamp packets to examine in your own home. You will have absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the items at any time. There is absolutely nothing to lose.

As we get to know you better, we'll tailor your mailings to your areas of interest. This isn't like other so called "approvals" or clubs where you're expected to buy things you don't want because you didn't reply in time. Your shipments are tailored to your likes and you simply return what you don't want with payment for what you keep. You never have to buy anything. You will also have the opportunity to receive our free email newsletter in which you'll find timely offers and deep discounts that can't be found anywhere else. Fill out the simple registration form below to get started right away. Your Starter Package will arrive in just a 7-14 days.

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